For Ward 12 Councillor 


 Our Community 
 Our Environment 
 Our Future 

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  • A seasoned business leader with an Honours Commerce degree from McMaster University

  • A strong communicator and a committed listener 

  • Deeply committed to the community through my many volunteer activities

  • Committed to appropriate development within a firm urban boundary

  • Focused on building a safe, climate resilient, inclusive community

Why am I the right person for Ancaster Ward 12 Councillor?

Our City needs councillors capable of leading Hamilton through the climate crisis and a world  experiencing increasing inequality and divisiveness. I have a vision and a skillset that will help lead Ancaster and Hamilton through these challenging times. I am fully committed to do lots of listening so that I can faithfully represent all parts of our community. I can guarantee you that I will actively reach out and engage with the intelligent and diverse people in our community with unique perspectives and who are passionate about how we can improve Ancaster and our City as a whole. I am hard-wired to connect with and help others, so this is something I look forward to doing! 


We can't keep doing the same things that got us into our current challenges. We need to build a climate-resilient city that will thrive in a changing world. We need a city of safe, walkable communities with excellent public transit that improves the lives of residents and reduces our dependency on cars. We need to do this by working together, building trust, and respecting each other. We also need to ensure that we move forward together without leaving anyone behind.


  • The foundation of my values are integrity and respect. I do what I say I will do and treat everyone with dignity and respect regardless of who they are or what their role might be.

  • I am open-minded and I listen. The issues that Council will face over the next four years will be complex and will need input from across the community. My take on any issue will be just the starting point and I will make decisions that are informed by many different perspectives.

  • I make decisions based on facts and consider the bigger picture. In the role of Councillor this means working hard to understand the issues deeply while thinking about the future and the greater good. 

  • Finally, I am driven and decisive. Ancaster needs a councillor that is focused on what's best for Ancaster, and is preparing the City at large for the future. As councillor I will act with urgency to get the results we need as quickly as possible


Over my 24 years of experience in the food industry at Maple Leaf Foods I have lead teams through many challenging situations. I have helped lead two very different corporate cultures through a large and successful merger. I've built strong and collaborative relationships with diverse stakeholders: my team, my peers, and my customers. My work has provided the opportunity to deal with many difficult personalities and I have always found ways to collaborate and deliver results. As a successful supply chain leader am I very analytical and have a strong financial acumen which is critical for a city the size of Hamilton. 


At my core, I am driven to help others and serving our community is a deeply held passion that energizes me. You can read more about my volunteer experience on the 'About' page