Craig is accepting donations and would appreciate your support.

To donate, send an e-transfer to [email protected]. or USE THE FORM BELOW.

If donating $100 or more by e-transfer, you must include your name and address in the message as that information is required by law in the financial statements.

Craig is only taking donations from individual citizens and will decline financial support from professional developers.

Here are some important facts about donating to a municipal campaign:

  • Only individuals can make donations to a municipal campaign. Donations cannot be accepted from businesses / corporations.
  • Donations at the municipal level are not tax-deductible. You will, however, be issued a receipt for your donation at some point before the end of the campaign period (January 3, 2023).
  • The maximum donation from an individual to a single candidate is $1,200. The maximum total for all candidates in the same jurisdiction (same Council or school board) is $5,000.
  • All donations that are more than $100 must be reported with a name and an address as part of a candidate's financial statements. Statements are public. Any donation that's more than $25 cannot be paid in cash.
  • Donations to municipal candidates are important, especially at the ward level as they help pay for necessary campaign expenses. The fundraising limit in Ward 12 is $30,251.80. Every donation helps!