Community Involvement & Why I Do It


           CO-FOUNDER:   helping protect our natural environment

A coalition of concerned citizens advocating for the preservation of waterways, wetlands, habitat, woodlots, natural heritage, and biodiversity in Hamilton.

     VOLUNTEER:   acting to reign in our ever-growing property tax burden from urban expansion.

A grassroots movement that successfully prevented City Hall from expanding the urban boundary and continuing the expensive mistake of suburban sprawl.

     VOLUNTEER:   taking action to help address food insecurity in our community.

An informal community organization that established and maintains three community fridges in Hamilton. Free food for those that need it. Stocked and used by the community. Available 24/7.  I perform fridge checks and help with donation collection and delivery to our fridges.

     VOLUNTEER (Door-to-door food collection):   more action addressing food insecurity.

An annual food drive collecting non-perishable items. 12 years of participation by the entire Cassar Family.

DSF logo.png     BUTTERFLYWAY PROJECT (Lead ‘Ranger’ for Hamilton):   Bringing nature back into the city. 

Helping the community start native pollinator gardens to assist in the recovery of pollinating insect populations. In 2021, 1,500 native plants were given away and planted to establish 80 pollinator gardens across the city.

  BIODIVERSITY GUARDIAN & VOLUNTEER:   keeping Hamilton beautiful & biodiverse.

Working with the Natural Lands Department to eliminate thousands of invasive plants, shrubs and trees.


     BOARD MEMBER & PROGRAM VOLUNTEER:   promoting fitness & health in our community.

A Hamilton-based not-for-profit organization offering orienteering/fitness programs and events for youth and adults throughout the Golden Horseshoe.


Since 2020, I've spent many early mornings across Ancaster cleaning up garbage, collecting nearly 400 bags to-date